It is important to maintain a regular grooming schedule for your dog to prevent nasty matting and maintain hygiene, also dogs that are on a regular grooming schedule do tend to settle into a routine and accept the grooming process much easier.  An ungroomed dog can soon develop nasty matts which then pull at the skin as the dog moves making it very uncomfortable for him/her.  The matting can also harbour parasites and are an ideal environment for skin condtions as the air is not able to flow around your dogs skin.  Not to mention that our furry loved ones do sometimes require a little freshing up!!


Here at Barking Bliss dog groomers I can offer a full groom which consists of:


Bath in our luxury massaging hydrobath with 2 x shampoo and conditioner if needed

Ear clean

Hand dried

Hygiene clip

Brush out and clipped or scissored to syle (if required)

Nails clipped

Spritz of doggy perfume

Bow or bandana to finish (if you wish)


I can also offer a bath and brush out service which consists of


Bath with 2 x shampoo and conditioner if required

Ear clean

Hand dried

Brush out

Spray of Doggy perfume


Please note this service is for short coated breeds only or those that are a regular grooming schedule. Please ask for details.


Prices are subject to condition and requirements of groom but as a guide prices start from:


Small dogs (Pomeranian Yorkies) -from £29.00

Medium dogs (Cocker, Springer spaniels) - from £35.00

Large dogs (Labrador, Border Collie) - from £37.00




Services provided at Barking Bliss Dog Groomers