The Dreaded Grass Seed!

The dreaded Grass Seed!

As summer is well and truly underway with all the sunny afternoons (well maybe not every afternoon!) and late evening walks there is also a downside to this time of year, the dreaded grass seed! Whilst you enjoy watching Fido run his daily practise sessions round the park like a canine version of Usain Bolt spare a thought for whats happening underfoot! As the grass reaches seed length they detach onto the ground or sit waiting for a passer by to brush past where Fido picks them up on his/her fur round his/her paws, chest, legs and even ears! Of course he/she is to busy having fun to notice. This is where you and your groomer come in. It is important to check your pooches all over after every walk. Because of the nature of the shape of grass seed with their barbs that protrude one way this means that once they penetrate your dogs skin they can only migrate one way which can lead to vet visits to extract them. If you check your dog after every walk it means you can notice any seeds before it is to late. I have had a few dogs in this week with a grass seed or two but thankfully we noticed them before it was to late.

So remember to brush and check your dog all over after each walk, it could just save you a vets visit!

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Happy walking!

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